wildlife in b/w / svartvita djur

B/w pictures tell other stories than the coloured ones. There’s a kind of timelessness and an almost meditative quality to these variations of grey nuances. They speak to us in another language, that’s how I see it.

Svart-vita bilder berättar andra historier än vad färgbilder gör. Det bor en slags tidlös skönhet i de oändligt varierade grå nyanserna. Det är som att de talar till oss med ett annat språk. Så ser jag det.

Big cities, small villages

Big cities, small villages. Modern or old, cities packed with people or abandoned. We have seen all kinds of societies in the world and they all have their individual characters. People struggling to survive or just rushing to get to the next waterhole in time. Every city, every village, every person tells a story.

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